Nature Trail Ride & Intuitive Archery

Connecting & Self-centring

People who have ridden with us already know that we like to combine movement activities. We do not just rent out our bikes and let you get lost in the vastness of our region as experienced a few times before 😉
We´d rather follow our holistic approach and take you on a full-circle journey.
For some, our trips evoke feelings of pure joy and pleasure and for others, they have been journeys of self-development and self-awareness.

We usually start our E-Mountain Bike tours with some special body exercises to get us in tuned for what lies ahead. On tour we make occasional stops to get a feeling and some information about our surrounding nature and maybe share ideas on environmental issues.
Arriving at the archery range, you should already be more grounded and connected to yourself and nature before the short introduction into archery. Focusing on one’s internal achievement aims, we might find out that very intuitive and instinctively, our arrows come closer and closer to the centre of the target.

This experience can also be very supportive in a team-building process, by unifying a group towards getting closer to the collectives goals.

All year round

3½ Hour Tour: 65€ p/person
(soft drink and snack incl.)

All tours include bike rental, a certified guide & protective gear like helmets and gloves. The archery experience includes protective gear & bow and arrow rentals. We start all our tours with special developed exercises to be fit and prepared for the ride.
Everyone over 1,60 m with basic riding skills is welcome to join these tours.