Welcome to Nature Movement E-Bike Tours

On our conscious and eco-friendly tours you will move in nature with another feeling, looking behind the landscape to explore the various worlds of the Costa Vicentina.

We are a small company that strives to live our dream in a holistic way. Let our certified guides introduce you to our NEW fleet of high quality full suspension mountain e-bikes.

At Nature Movement we strive to make every aspect of our company as low-impact as possible, and it is our greatest ambition to see electric bicycles become firmly established as a viable form of transport.

Groups, couples, solo riders and friends you are all welcome to join us for a memorable day on the unspoilt trails of the Algarve, and an introduction to a more Nature friendly way of Movement 🙂


Interview with Andreas Endries

Andreas: As I was always doing outdoor activities with a holistic approach and still have my old mtb, it was such a heart opener to get on to an e-mtb. After experiencing different kind of e bikes it did not take long and i had the vision and plan for Nature Movement – E Bike Tours.
Originally I´m from Germany and in Portugal for 18 years now. First I lived more south inland, in the beautiful area of Silves. South Algarve is nice but still too busy for my taste. I came to live here in the south-west coast because it’s much more rural and i love this coast.The nature here gives me the feeling of more freedom and peace. I used to go on trail rides for hours and hours with horses, and now with ebikes, and mostly i don’t meet anybody along the way. I can just enjoy the movement and treasures of nature, and it doesn’t matter which time of year.
I grew up in a rural area with a lot of big forest around, and I even worked in the forest later on. First in forestry and then as a youth social worker in the woods. After a period of studying social science and philosophy I started the project Holistic Riding, later Holistic Being With Horses. I still have two horses, but I reached a point ,after being more then 40 years with them and because of some physical issues, that it’s time for a change. I am 54 years old, now riding a very special and light ‘aluminum horse’ with an electric engine and full suspension 😉 .
When I got on to the e-mtb, I realized that I can be active, sportive, in nature and get up the hill effortlessly at the same time, it doesn’t matter how old I am. It’s a mechanical horse that I adjust to my needs, fitness, age and health issues. That’s why I chose these specific high quality e-mtbs with full suspension for Nature Movement E-Bike Tours. It is a sport tool which really can challenge your trail skills but also you can enjoy it to go on relaxed adventure tours and even in the summer you do not need to sweat.

Andreas: In the last 10 years I started practicing Chi Kung and methods of meditation and mindfulness. Being mindful with myself and nature. That’s actually what I would like to share when I take people on a tour. Nature Movement E-Bike Tours is offering all different kinds of tours from adventurous, botanical and cultural trail rides to challenging sport trails. From bird watching to conscious tours in silence, where the tour becomes a meditation itself.

Andreas: Beside the pleasure of a ‘green’ activity I realized I use the car less and less, I have already done thousands of km, where I usually would have taken the car. For me it feels like taking a good step into the direction to support mother nature and in a bigger picture, our planet mother earth.
Conscious eco-tourism like hiking by foot or with animals like donkeys and horses or on a bicycle, these are the activities we should practice here in the ‘natural park` of the costa vicentina!
I see from year to year more motorcycles, quads and even safari tours with jeeps on the trails. It’s a development that endangers the natural park with pollution, erosion and a lot of pressure to the wildlife. The thing is, when you are sitting on a quad or motorcycle you are looking for this special thrill and i do not blame anyone wanting to have that, but in my opinion they should be in their special location… and why jeep safari here ?!. We don’t have giraffes nor lions, it is the natural landscape with more delicate plants, flowers and animals. Enjoy this on a hike by foot or on a bicycle. I believe that you can’t experience this nature fully on a motorcycle, specially when you wear an enduro helmet and your view is tunneled. Compared to motorcycles e-bikes are a silent thrill. They don’t have acceleration but its engine will give you support when you need it. Turn on boost and the bike will help you to get up a steep hill that you wouldn’t even like to walk up, to get to the highest point overlooking the ocean for a sunset. Riding the e-mtb is not about being fast, it’s about the feeling of powerful movement.


Andreas: This power comes from simple rechargeable batteries. For Nature Movement E-Bike Tours we are looking forward to use the energy that comes straight from the sun – solar panels. Riding e-bikes means being aware that you can move, you can be supported but you don’t have to use petrol. You enjoy nature with less impact of damaging it. My vision is that Nature Movement E-Bike Tours becomes a sustainable and low-impact project.

Interviewed by Olga Sadowski